Range Rules

Range hours, both ranges 
Monday thru Saturday: 8:30 AM – sunset
Sunday: 10:00 AM – sunset

  • Be sure your bullet will land in the impact area after passing through the target. Targets and shooting positions shall be in alignment to cause the projectile, after penetrating the target, to be stopped and retained by the designated impact area.
  • No handling of firearms while anyone is down range.
  • Firearms will be loaded only on the firing line.
  • Bolts and breeches will be open at all times when not firing.  A safety tab will be placed between the bolt and the chamber of all semi-automatic firearms where the bolt will not remain in an open position.
  • Pistols must be holstered or cased when not firing.
  • Remove all targets to the trash containers provided, after shooting.
  • No shooting clay targets in restricted range area.
  • Tulpehocken Rifle & Pistol Club ranges are intended to be used with all lawfully owned firearms; manually loaded, semi-auto, and automatically loading (including NFA). Use-specific ranges will be developed as needs arise.
  • No use of center-fire rifle calibers at Berger Road or Molleystown pistol ranges.  PISTOL CALIBERS ONLY.
  • No .50 caliber or larger center fire ammunition or any armor piercing ammunition capable of penetrating the club’s steel targets is permitted on any steel targets at any of our ranges.
  • Fired bullets must hit designated impact areas.
  • No simultaneous use of the 200 yard line and either pistol range. NO simultaneous use of the rifle range and the Combat Pistol range. Up to 100 yard line on the rifle range may be used simultaneously with the Bulls Eye Pistol range (This is a Pine Grove range-specific-rule).
  • Please watch your language. We are a family-friendly club.
  • Ear and eye protection is required on the range
  • Be sure to check the pit and combat range before firing. Make sure no one is in your line of fire before using the rifle range (This is a Berger Rd. specific rule).
  • DO NOT throw “DUD” rounds into the trash barrels. We burn our trash. There are red “DUD” boxes on the firing line….Use them!
  • Lock the gate behind you when you enter and leave the range.
  • Display your membership card. Ask to see the card of anyone not displaying theirs.
  • NO shooting of glass targets of any type (bottles, jars, etc).
  • Any firearm over .50 caliber must be a shoulder-fired weapon.
  • Vandalism will not be tolerated. Anyone caught damaging or destroying club property will  be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • The Club will not be responsible for faulty equipment or ammunition.
  • Please clean-up after yourself.  Let’s do our best to keep our ranges as safe and clean as possible.