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***New Steel Targets At M'town Pistol Bay #1***
(constructed by a local fabricating company.  Plates are 1/2" AR500 steel.  Splatter guard is 1" AR500 steel.  Special thanks to Tom for his organization and oversight of this project)

***New Roof At Molleystown Rifle Range***


A special thanks to Tom for the planning, organization and supervision of the construction of this great improvement to our rifle range.

New Target Holder Installed In Molleystown Pistol Bay #1
Simply staple your paper target to the belt.  Please remove your target(s) to the trash can when you leave.

Pistol Bay #1 has been designated for PISTOL CALIBERS ONLY up to .45 cal.  To prevent undue and premature damage to the equipment, ABSOLUTELY NO CENTERFIRE RIFLES, RIFLE CALIBERS or SHOTGUNS!!!!
(A special shout-out of thanks to Tom for his organization and coordination of this project and to Brad and his crew for their time and effort in doing the hard work of installing the belt)


New Roof At Molleystown Pistol Bay #1
(See "Photo Gallery" for more pictures)



New Steel Targets at Molleystown Rifle Range, 100, 150 and 200 Yard.
***No .50 caliber OR armor piercing rounds on steel targets***

(See "Photo Gallery" for more pictures)


***********MOLLEYSTOWN RIFLE RANGE*************
We have made significant improvements to our Molleystown range during 2015, including the incorporation of a 150 yard berm.  Currently the rifle range has 50, 100, 150 and 200 yard impact points.  Please make sure that, after passing through your target, your bullets impact the berm and not the ground.  To do otherwise creates a ricochet hazard.  Please read our "Range Rules", which address this issue.  Check the "Photo Gallery" for more pictures of this latest Molleystown improvement.
Additionally, it is prohibited to use rocks or boulders as targets.  This practice is hazardous since there is potential for ricochets striking the shooter, other members and/or automobile traffic traveling nearby roads.  For your safety, and the safety of others, 
(posted 3/26/15)


We have noticed that some people are leaving debris and targets behind after they are finished shooting.  This is especially true at the "Utility Range" at Molleystown.  It's your range, please keep it neat and clean for yourself and others....clean up after yourself and put all trash and used targets into the trash cans provided.  Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated and provide for a better experience for all members.  (posted 5/2/13)