By Order of the Officers, Board of Directors and Membership of the Tulpehocken Rifle And Pistol Club


Pine Grove, Pennsylvania 17963





Section 1.  The name of the organization shall be the Tulpehocken Rifle And Pistol Club.

Section 2.  The Tulpehocken Rifle and Pistol Club (TRCP) shall be located at PO Box 253, Pine Grove, PA 17963


Section 1.  The purpose of this club shall be to promote interest in the shooting sports;  to lawfully secure and use arms and ammunition for practice;  to hold competitive shoots;  to promote the safe handling of firearms;  to protect and defend the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States;  to cooperate with all lawfully constituted organizations for the promotion and preservation of the shooting sports;  to provide and maintain suitable facilities.


Section 1.  The fiscal year shall be the same as the calendar year from:  January 1st to December 31st.

Section 2.  The annual meeting/banquet will be held on the 1st Saturday in November of each year at a place chosen by the banquet committee and approved by the membership.

Section 3.  A special meeting may be called by the President whenever, in his opinion, same may be necessary for the welfare of the club.  The President shall call a special meeting upon written request of ten (10) or more members in good standing.  The secretary shall notify all members of the time and place of any special meeting and of the business to be transacted.  The secretary may enlist the aid of other officers and committees to help with this task.  Such notice shall be delivered at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the time set for the special meeting.  No business shall be transacted at any special meeting, except that for which the meeting was called.

Section 3A.  Regular meetings, first Thursday of month, 7 pm.  See annually published schedule for exceptions and special events.

Section 4.  “Roberts Rules Of Order” shall be the default arbiter for matters not specifically addressed by this document.

Section 5.  After the president raps the gavel to call the meeting to order, and just before the call to order, the president shall ask if any non-members are present.  If none are present, the meeting shall be called to order.  Non-members are not permitted to attend meetings.  They will be permitted to attend until the meeting is called to order.  If the visitor(s) have a presentation or wish to discuss a matter with the club, the president can suspend the regular order of business to allow the visitor(s) to conduct their business with the membership.  After their presentation, or at any time during the presentation, the president can end the visitors presentation and call the meeting to order.  At this time, all non-members must leave the meeting room.  The meeting shall continue as prescribed in the by-laws.


Section 1.  At least eight (8) active members in good standing shall be in attendance to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


Section 1.  The officers of the club shall be:  President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2.  There shall be a board of directors consisting of four (4) officers set forth in Section 1, together with seven (7) duly elected directors.

Section 3.  The nomination and election of officers shall be held respectively at the October and November regular meetings.  Each officer and director are to be elected for a term of one (1) year, and, beginning with the January meeting following the election and continuing in office until their successors are duly elected and qualified.  A vacancy in the office of the Board Of Directors shall be filled by the club membership at the next regular meeting.

Section 3A.  No elected officer may hold the same office for more than three (3) consecutive terms;  after a third term in the same office, the officer must step down.  Said officer may hold another office other than the office he has served for three (3) terms;  after a period of one (1) year, January 1st to December 31st, the former three (3) term officer of a particular office may again be elected to three (3) consecutive terms of the office in which he previously held three (3) consecutive terms.

Section 3B.  At the end of a third consecutive term, the current office holder can be nominated, and hold successive terms, in the event an office cannot be filled because of unwillingness of members present at a nominating meeting to accept said office.  The current officer, if willing, may be nominated, and if elected, hold another term.

Section 4.  No member shall be elected to office who has not been in good standing for at least one (1) year prior to the date of election.


Section 1.  The President, and in his absence, the Vice-President, shall preside at the meetings of the club and of the Board of Directors.  In the event that both shall be absent, a President Pro Tem shall be elected.  The President and Vice-President shall perform the duties associated with their office, as well as such other duties that may be imposed upon them from time to time by the Board of Directors.  The President shall appoint all committees subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

Section 2.  The Secretary and Treasurer shall perform the duties associated with their office under the supervision and control of the Board of Directors as well as such other further duties as may be imposed, from time to time, upon them by the Board of Directors.

Section 3.  The Board of Directors shall have general charge of the officers, funds and property of the club, with the power to take action, from time to time, as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of the club.  It shall exercise general supervision of employees and property of the club and of the club’s quarters and make such house rules and regulations as it may deem necessary;  and, in general, transact the business of the club, and shall appoint such other agents and employees or assistant officers from time to time as, in it’s discretion, may deem necessary.  No expenditures in excess of one hundred dollars ($100), for any purpose, during that period between two (2) consecutive meetings, shall be made by the Board of Directors without the approval of the membership at a prior meeting.

Section 3A.  Unresolved differences between Officers and/or Directors shall be brought before the Directors for resolution.  We shall be civil to one another.

Section 3B.  The Board of Directors shall have the authority to suspend or expel from the club any member for violation of the by-laws or any other rule or regulation promulgated by the Board.  Any member suspended or expelled, shall have the right to appeal the suspension or expulsion within fifteen (15) days of such suspension or expulsion, by giving notice, in writing, to the Recording Secretary of his or her intention and desire to appeal, and such appeal shall be heard at the second meeting of the corporation following the date of the appeal.  Pending the hearing of the appeal, the member expelled of suspended shall have no privileges, except those permitted by the Board of Directors.

Section 3C.  The Board of Directors shall have an audit of the books of the club made annually and have a report of such audit submitted to the membership at each annual meeting.

Section 4.  The premiums of any bonds required by the Board of Directors or any Officers shall be paid by the club.

Section 5.  Outgoing officers and directors must either return club property or transfer it to their successor at or before the end of their term.  This will include keys, all TRPC property in their care, and any information and records necessary for their successors to assume their duties.


Section 1.  There will be three (3) classes of membership.  New members will be required to submit an initiation fee of twenty dollars ($20.00) plus annual dues. The application fee can be set  by a plural majority of the Board of Directors at the May meeting and approved by the membership present at the June meeting. Thereafter their dues will be the annual dues set by the club.  New members shall only be recommended for membership by a member in good standing who has completed his/her probation.  The recommending member shall be present at the regular meeting when said application for membership is proposed.  The applicant for membership must also be present before the start of the meeting and introduce themselves to the members present.  The applicant(s) must leave the meeting room before the start of the meeting.  Any applicants approved for membership during the meeting shall be welcomed back into the meeting room and join the meeting as a member.

Section 1A.  The three classes will be Sr. $45.00 dues per year;  Jr. $5.00 dues per year;  and lifetime, at no cost.

Section 1B.  New members shall be on probation for a period of one (1) year.  The year of probation starts from the date being accepted as a member at a meeting by majority vote.  Probationary members may have their membership revoked if they violate range or other club rules or do not conduct themselves in a manner that would represent the club in a favorable or moral manner.  Probation can only be revoked at a regular meeting by a majority vote of the members present.  A member must present allegations of misconduct or rule violation or unsafe acts at a regular meeting and the action to revoke membership must be in the form of a motion, properly 2nd and voted on.  The board of directors can also decide to conduct an investigation into the allegations prior to the vote.

Section 2.  Senior members shall be those 18 years of age or older;  Juniors will be 17 years of age and under, Lifetime shall be 65 years of age or older.

Section 2A. To be eligible to become a lifetime member at no cost, a member must have been a member prior to January 1, 2018 and must have at least five (5) continual years in good standing with the TULPEHOCKEN Rifle and Pistol Club and must be sixty-five (65) years of age or older. After January 1, 2018 there will not be lifetime memberships for members accepted into membership after January 1, 2018. After January 1, 2018 members whose dues lapse and must rejoin the club will not be eligible for lifetime membership.

Section 3.  Members on Active Military Service, assigned or deployed outside of the continental U.S. (CONUS) will be carried in their present membership status until their return to the U.S.  The payment of dues shall be waived, said members shall be reinstated without

paying back dues;  there shall be a sixty (60) day grace period in which to reapply, without an initiation fee.  A copy of the members orders will be required for this status.

Section 4.  Only members in good standing shall be entitled to vote or hold office in the club.

Section 5.  All applications for membership must be voted upon by the membership to be accepted or rejected by a majority.

Section 6.  Each member shall be allowed to bring the same guest for three (3) visits to use the range facilities;  thereafter, said guest must become a member if he or she wishes to use the range, excluding events open to the public.

Section 6A.  When all shooting spaces are occupied, guests must yield to members.

Section 7.  Use of the range privileges are for members or their guests only, excluding events open to the public.

Section 7A.  Fees for use of the range for qualification, etc., will be set by the Range Committee.

Section 7B.  By the start of the 2014 membership year, all existing club members must submit a signed copy of the club “range waiver form” to be able to enter upon and/or use any club range or facility, either as a spectator or participant.

Failure of a member to submit the required signed waiver, the member shall be suspended from membership until the signed waiver is received by the club.

If the member fails to submit the waiver, he shall not be eligible to renew his/her dues for the following year, and, be subject to all penalties provided for in the by-laws for failing to renew membership.

New applicants for membership must submit a signed waiver form with their application for membership to be considered eligible for membership.

Section 8 In order to help defray the extra cost of target and berm repair occurring from the use of fully automatic weapons and other destructive devices, club members who wish to use our ranges to fire fully automatic firearms, or other destructive devices as specified by a plural majority of the Board of Directors and approved at a regular meeting by the membership, shall be assessed a fee, in addition, and equal to the annual membership dues. Guests will not be permitted to fire automatic weapons or other destructive devices. Membership cards issued under this provision will be appropriately marked, stamped or color coded and must be displayed openly by the member. Any member found firing fully automatic firearms, or other destructive devices prohibited by the club, without the authorization on their card, will be subject to having their membership revoked.


Section 1.   Annual dues for all membership shall be fixed by a plural majority of the Board of Directors at the May meeting and approved by the membership present at the June meeting of the preceding year and be payable from October 1st to December 31st prior to the new year.

Section 1A.  All members having not paid their annual dues, for the coming year, by December 31st of the prior year, shall have their memberships revoked and will have to rejoin the club and re-apply for a new membership.



Section 1.  Opening Meeting.

Section 1A.  Nomination of new members.

Section 1B.  Reading of minutes from previous regular meeting.

Section 1C.  Reading of Treasurer’s Report.

Section 1D.  Reading of correspondence.

Section 1E.  Report of Committees.

Section 1F.  Old Business.

Section 1G.  New Business.

Section 1H.  Good of the Club.

Section 1I.  Adjournment

Sign in  (members only)




Section 1.  These by-laws may be amended or repealed or altered; This shall be done by the approval of two-thirds (2/3) of the active membership present at three (3) consecutive meetings.



Section 1.  No alcohol or drugs.

Section 2.  NO handling of firearms on the firing line while others are forward toward the targets.

Section 3.  No one under the age of sixteen (16) will be allowed without adult supervision.

Section 4.  Firearms will be loaded on the firing line only.

Section 5.  Bolts and breeches will be open at all times when not firing.  A safety tab will be placed between the bolt and the chamber of all semi-automatic firearms where the bolt will not remain in an open position.

Section 6.  Pistols must be holstered or cased when not firing.

Section 7.  No shooting glass bottles, jars, etc.

Section 8.  Put all targets in trash containers provided after shooting.

Section 9.  Eye and ear protectors are required on the range while shooting.

Section 10.  The club will not be responsible for faulty equipment or ammunition.

Section 11.  No shooting clay targets in restricted range area.

Section 12.  Check the pit and impact area before firing.  Make sure no one is in your line of fire.

Section 13A.  TRPC ranges are intended to be used with all lawfully owned firearms;  manually loaded, semi-auto, and automatically loading (including NFA).  Use-specific ranges will be developed as needs arise.

Section 13B.  Any firearm over .50 caliber must be a shoulder fired weapon.

Section 13C.  Paramilitary training, maneuvers and/or tactical training are prohibited on TRPC ranges and property, except for club approved matches and/or shooting events.  Also prohibited, without permission from the Board Of Directors, are any shooting classes or gun safety instruction classes for profit, donation or any other form of renumeration.  This does not include individual instruction where no fees, of any type, are involved.  Any persons violating this section will result in his/her membership being terminated.

Section 13D.  No .50 caliber or larger center fire ammunition or any armor piercing ammunition capable of penetrating the club’s rifle or pistol range steel targets can be fired at the steel targets on the rifle or pistol ranges.

Section 14.  Vandalism will not be tolerated.  Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Section 15.  Pistol calibers and shotguns only on steel plates.  NO center-fire rifle calibers.

Section 16.  Fired bullets must hit the designated impact area.

Section 17.  NO simultaneous use of the 200 yard line and either pistol range.  NO simultaneous use of the Rifle range and the Combat Pistol Range.  Up to the 100 yard line on the Rifle range may be used simultaneously with the Bulls Eye Pistol Range (Pine Grove Boro Range).

Section 18.  Please watch your language, we are a family-friendly club.

Section 19.  Range hours:  Mon.-Sat., 8:30 am – Sunset;  Sun. 10.00 am – sunset.

Section 20.  Camping on TRPC ranges or property is prohibited without prior written approval of at least six (6) Board Members and/or Officers.  Violations will result in termination of membership.




These Constitution and By-Laws were voted upon and approved by the Officers, Board of Directors and General Membership present at the regular meeting of said organization on the 1st day of February in the year 1990.


Amended 5th October 2006

Amended 6th September 2007

Amended 3rd June 2010

Amended 5th May 2011

Amended 4th October 2012

Amended 6th June 2013

Amended 6th November 2014

Amended 8th January 2015

Amended 6th August 2015

Amended 7th January 2016

Amended 11th November 2017